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Auditors, risk managers, forensic professionals, and insurance specialists are navigating an increasingly complex world. Whether confronted with increased fraud risk in developing country markets, cyber risk, sophisticated ERP systems, complex directors and officers (D&O) insurance policies, or a range of other challenges, the role is harder than it has ever been. Grok Consulting can help your team navigate through a wide-range of projects from internal audits to investigations and more. If you're looking for someone with a unique blend of risk, technology, and operational experience, then we're available to help.

Internal Audit

Deep experience in conducting internal audits, including both in-house and Big-4. Coverage includes major business processes and IT. Deep expertise in ERP controls, particularly SAP.


Led numerous forensic accounting investigations into matters including embezzlement, kickbacks, and financial statement fraud. Deep expertise in using technology to make investigations more timely, efficient, and comprehensive.

Insurance Advisory

Significant experience in upgrading the quality of a directors and officers (D&O) policy. Able to coordinate with in-house and external D&O specialty counsel to ensure the policy language is "right". Relationships with brokers and carriers to help you understand the market.

Loaned Staff

If you just need some temporary help because you've recently lost an internal audit director or other key team member, then we can help you fill in, take over critical projects, and ensure the work is done right.

Robotic Process Automation

In addition to the risk-focused advisory services noted above, we also have experience in reviewing manual business processes, documenting them (where needed), and streamlining them with automation. Do you have repetitive processes that include exporting data from a system, massaging it into the right format in Excel, and then producing a report for distribution? These might be great opportunities for robotic process automation.

Startup/Fundraising Advisory

Grok's managing partner, Aaron Sparks, did a 4-year stint as the CEO of a startup. If your startup is in need of financial advisory services, then we can help. From fundraising slide decks to cash burn, we've been there and can help you with some of the workload!

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Here's a brief rundown of the managing partner of Grok Consulting and his contact info if you want to reach out.

Or download a copy of Aaron's resume for additional info on his background and experience.