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Home router configuration

: Aaron Sparks | : 2019-11-20 | : router, nvram, ddwrt, asuswrt, shell scripting

A few months ago, I bought a beast of a new home router - the ASUS RT-AC5300. I wanted something that would broadcast into all of the corners of our two-story house. I opened up the box, set it up, and quickly forgot about it. A month or so ago, I saw some articles about the vulnerabilities in home routers. I knew the router was... Read More


Tricks with https on Azure

: Aaron Sparks | : 2019-09-28 | : azure, website, https, security

UPDATE: A month after posting this note, Microsoft made an announcement on free TLS!

After Google's June 2018 announcement that they would... Read More


About this website

: Aaron Sparks | : 2019-09-27 | : website, python, flask, azure

My first blog post - Hello World! For my inaugural post, I thought I'd do a breakdown on the build-out of this website. No, it's not Wordpress or Squarespace! Not that there's anything wrong with either of those platforms... it's just that I painstakingly built this site "by hand" with Python, HTML, and CSS. I've been doing Python programming as a hobby (yes, seriously)... Read More

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