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NY Times Spelling Bee Solver

: Aaron Sparks | : 2020-01-21 | : python, ny times, games, spelling bee, word games

My wife and I have been playing the NY Times' Spelling Bee game and got hooked. The basic outline of the game is around building words from a center "required" letter and 6 surrounding letters that are arranged in a hexagonal configuration. You get points for every word. And bonus points for longer words.

Sometimes, the... Read More


Connecting to Azure File Storage

: Aaron Sparks | : 2020-01-06 | : azure, file storage, macos, smb, ports

I've been hosting my website on Microsoft's Azure service. I store a bunch of the content in an Azure File Storage container. I wanted to be able to quickly access and edit the files as needed. I googled "MacOS Azure File Storage" and found a set of Mac-specific instructions from Microsoft that... Read More


PostgreSQL to SQL Server conversion

: Aaron Sparks | : 2019-12-28 | : databases, postgresql, sql server, azure, sql

I've been working on a consulting project where we're trying to use Microsoft products where it makes sense. I originally prototyped a few things in Postgres and then found myself in need of converting it over to SQL Server. After some quick googling, I discovered that most of the posts/Stack Overflow content on this topic was about going from SQL Server to Postgres, not the other way... Read More


Python ODBC connectivity on MacOS

: Aaron Sparks | : 2019-12-27 | : python, odbc, pyodbc, freetds, databases, sql server, azure

I've been working on a consulting project that required ODBC connectivity between some Python code and a SQL Server database hosted in Azure. The Microsoft instructions for installing the driver made this seem easy and supported.... Read More


MacMaestro project coming soon

: Aaron Sparks | : 2019-09-28 | : macos, dotfiles, mackup, python

I'm the primary tech support person for my family. For the most part, we're an Apple household. I spend a lot of time helping friends and family get their Macs set up. I've had moments where I started thinking about purchasing a license for a Mac administration tool/service (e.g. Jamf. That seemed like overkill and a bit expensive, so I started... Read More

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